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Jim and Peggy Amerine
1601 Frontage Street
P.O. Box 145
Nebraska City, NE   68410 Ph:  402-873-3699 Cell:  402-209-3222

Wick Buildings

Our business is designing and constructing a building for your business. Either new from the ground up or adding on to an existing structure, we can help.

Business Buildings
Business Buildings

Design flexibility.  Professional engineering and construction.

Shops and Storage Sheds
Shops & Storage Sheds

Top grade materials.  Warranty protection.

Mini-Mall Retail Centers
Mini-Mall Retail Centers

We'll work with you to plan and construct the type
of facility that meets all your needs.

Contact Amerine Builders Inc., today for more information about your building needs.


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Wick Advantage
Wick Buildings

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